EoE recruitment is currently OPEN
We are seeking mostly good dedicated players to build a bigger foundation for our current US players. We are seeking veteran players for our NA time slot only.

In general, all applicants must have:
-All expansion packs
-Sky and sea access required
-At least 2 75+ job with some merits.

You should already have decent experience, we're not asking for you hav have full knolledge of everything but atleast enough to where we don't have to teach you from scratch. We are trying to get into quite a few things that require us to have members such as Einherjar and Limbus as well as dynamys. We will be trying to get our members the gear they want to make themselves better as well as the ls as a whole.

*RDM, BLM, SCH (main) should have good gear, don't need to be the best as of yet, but atleast of a respectable level.

*Tanks* (main) need to be of competent status and know how to tank. You need to have a good emnity set up and MUST have ninja sub if you are a PLD. Ninja tanks should NOT be a DD only ninja, you need to have a good emnity build as well as DRK sub or working on it. Ares's Cuirass and/or Valor Body is a plus. Fire resist builds are required.

*WHM (main) should have -enmity gear.

As far as merits go:
*BLM (main) should merit 8/8 elemental magic merits and complete BLM specific merits.

*Red Mages (main) should merit 8/8 enfeebling magic merits and complete RDM specific merits. (Slow II 5/5 and Paralyze II 5/5 preferred)

*Paladins (main) should merit capped PLD specific merits; enmity merits are a plus.

*Anyone who applies as a melee job main should have at least one weapon type capped out and highly encouraged to have a mage job.

**We recognize that not every job you have with may meet our requirements. This is why you see the use of the word "main" a lot. We know some people level jobs just for fun. The only jobs that count in your application however, are jobs that meet our requirements. You may list your other jobs in your application, but they should be listed in the designated space.

Some jobs also have specific requirements:
Red Mages must have /drk & /blm.
Paladin must have /rdm, /nin & /war.
Ninja must have /drk & /war.
All melee should have /nin.

Please apply using this format in a PM to CSik / Galmaximas:


Jobs at 75 that meet our requirements (main jobs):
Pick your best geared job and tell us about its equips.:
Any outstanding gear for your other jobs?:
What are your merits?:
What other jobs do you have that are 75 but do not meet our requirements?:
Playtime (time of day.. NA prime, EU prime, early morning)*:
Are you a server transfer?
What server did you come from if you are a transfer?:
Please list your endgame goals. These may or may not be limited to particular nm kills, gear earned, etc:
What is your experience in endgame? (be particular):

Answer the following questions with a YES or NO. Answering with a "YES" will hold you accountable for all the information found in your application. No excuses.
Do you meet the gear requirements for the jobs you are applying with?
Do you meet the merit requirements fore the jobs you are applying with?
Do you meet the subjob requirements for the jobs you are applying with?
Do you have Sky access?
Do you have Sea access?
Have you read our basic linkshell rules?
Can you follow our basic linkshell rules?
Once accepted, you are expected to read our in depth rules in the members section of the forums. Will you read and follow these rules?

And an added bonus but not mandatory:
Do you have Ventrilo?
what system you play on?(PC,PS2Xbox)

If you are a cross server applicant and we accept you, you have 7 days to move after the date of acceptance. Any longer and you must reapply.

*Weekend warriors need not apply. Neither party would benefit from a casual player with our linkshell structure.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.